Removing Duplicate Entries


IntelliAddress Professional Edition 2.9 allows customers to merge existing contacts while searching for, and removing any duplicate entries. This can be done from one or more files from which you are drawing contact information.  

Duplicate Address Deletion (duplicates remover)

Uniform International Telephone Formatting

Synchronizing with Cell Phone

Contact Titel Format

Merge several contact folders

IntelliAddress Professional 2.9

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Duplicate Address Deletion
(duplicates remover)

Given today’s pace of change and volume of information, it is common to have double entries in an address directory. For example, a cell phone number is attached to one personal contact entry while a physical address is shown for the same person under a different entry. IntelliAddress scans double entries and suggests the changes required to merge all data points into one comprehensive entry. The system then presents the suggested changes and the user can decide whether to accept the edits in the format deemed most suitable for their Outlook Contacts directory.




Uniform International Telephone Formatting

International telephone numbers often appear in a variety of formats. With IntelliAddress you can standardize these different formats into one preferred format, according to the user’s personal preference.



Synchronizing with your Cell Phone y

IntelliAddress standardizes telephone numbers into a format that can be transferred to a mobile phone.


Contact Title Format

IntelliAddress allows customers to format preferred contacts in their directory. For example, you can select a format with or without company names, or select the order in which the person’s first and last name appear on your directory. Please note that the order of names affects the search sequence depending on whether you prefer to search via the first name "Martin" or surname "Schmumacher."

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Merge Several Contact Folders

IntelliAddress allows the user to merge together selected contact folders from a variety of sources. Contacts in the group are formatted and duplicate information is deleted.



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