Professional 2.9

The professional edition for everybody contacts are particularly important. Finds additional contacts also in web pages and documents. Produces writing down from collecting mains with the existing contacts

Aufzählung Professional Word-Templates for different purposes
Aufzählung Creates Letters with one click
Aufzählung Finds complete contacts in web pages and documents (e.g. Word, PDF)
Aufzählung Find duplicates and remove double elements
Aufzählung Choose phone format before synchronize contacts with your cell phone
Aufzählung All functions of the standard version
Aufzählung Integrated in Microsoft Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 (and older versions)


Picture Gallery

Create address book

Addresses in webpages


Duplicates remover

create letters

Create Letters


IntelliAddress Professional 2.9

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 IntelliAddress Professional 2.9

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Find Contacts

Scan all existing emails for contacts  
Automatically search contacts in arriving emails

Creates Contacts more...

Create Outlook Contacts with name, forename, phone number, email  
Additional with address (street, postal code, city)
Additional with mobile number, fax number, company, position, webpage
More than one address, number, email of one person
Edit contacts before saving them
Extended options (choose contact folder and inbox )
Choose format of the contact title and the phone numbers    

Scan contacts in documents more...

Scan contacts in text
Scan office documents (e.g. Microsoft Word, Excel, PDF)
Scan web pages

Creates letters with on click more...

Creates Word Letters with reciever and sender address direct from Outlook
Predefined letters as Word-Templates (e.g. business letter, bill)
Predefined fax designs

Remove Contact Duplicates more...

Finds duplicates and remove them
Merge double contacts with complementary information's
Changes will be shown before saving

New: Format Contacts more...

Unify phone number format  
Choose predefined international formats    
Format phone numbers for synchronisation to mobile phone    
Format contact title    
Format existing and automatic created contacts